Why book with Flying.com?

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Low-Cost, Full Service & the Combo

No matter where you wanna go we’ve got you covered all the way. With over 900 carriers, both traditional and low-cost airlines, you’ll never run out of options.
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One website for searching and booking

Get the best of both worlds! Not only can you search for flight options with us, you can also book them on the spot.

Discounted child fares

Traveling abroad with kids? We make it worth your while with child rates for your little rascals. Select the correct mix of passengers (adults, teens, children and infants) to get the lowest available fares.
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No Ads. No Clutter.

Flooded with ads isn’t exactly ideal when making a decision. So we’ve taken care of that! You can search, browse and book without interruption on Flying.com.
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International Super Savers

That's right! We search and sort through all the sources to offer you exclusive low fares. Go check them out for yourself.
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As-low-as-we-can-go Service Fees

Seriously, we ask for the minimum amount on all the things we do for you. Like integrating providers, website maintenance, keep up the ad-free zone and speedy customer service.
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Jump to Best Flights

This is where we check over fares, layovers, takeoff and landing times to give you the best flight options in the search you’ve made.
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We flex for you!

So you’re on your phone, then your tablet, maybe even on your laptop...don’t sweat! No matter what device you use it's always easy to search, explore and book.

Drop us a line

Whether you have a question, worry or suggestion we’re always listening and quick to respond. Email or call us and be sure to get our full support.
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We’ve got lucky deals for you

We believe that sharing is caring so we’re featuring flight deals for you. These are real deals of 25% off or more, uncovered by your fellow travelers, from your city to the world.
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Make your trip complete

Flights are our thing! But we also collaborate with partners, giving you the best coverage and pricing for hotels, car rentals and activities.